Russian Tuna Salad – Salat Mimosa

If you ask Russians about “mimosa”, in most cases they will tell you it’s ether flower tree or a salad, not a drink. There are some variations of recipe, but  this is classic mayonnaise salad, like Olivier and Herring under Coat (Shuba). In my times it was salad for International Workers’ Day on May 1 (also known as Labour Day).

I don’t know who came up with the recipe. It appeared in the 70s of the last century. Easy to find ingredients – a canned fish in oil or own juice, onions, relatively hard cheese and boiled eggs – could be found in most houses in the spring. Some shredded butter can be added on onion layer, but it’s not practiced in my family.

Later someone add most important ingredient in all modern Russian salads – boiled potato (for fullness) and boiled carrot (for pretty orange color). But I prefer easy and lighter recipe.

Russian Mimosa Salad is made in layers, but if you just mix all together you find great tuna salad for sandwiches and wraps.

Russian Tuna Salad - Salat Mimosa

Yield 2 servings

3 hard boiled eggs, peeled
5-6 oz. canned tuna
1/4 medium sweet onion, thin sliced
1/4 cup relatively hard cheese, like cheddar, shredded
2-3 tbsp. mayonnaise

This salad can be prepared in individual portions (this requires cooking rings), or in one dish.

Cut eggs in halves, divide egg whites and yolks in separate bowls. Grate egg whites on a coarse grater or chop finely. Crumble yolks with fork. Flake tuna with some liquid from can in separate bowl. Scald onions with boiling water and squeeze.

On salad plate (or in cooking ring on plate) add all chopped egg whites, cover with flaked tuna, add onion, than cheese, cover with mayonnaise and top with crumbled yolks (yellow like Mimosa tree flowers). Cover with plastic food wrap and cool in fridge about hour.

Remove cooking ring and serve, or cut in portions like pie.

Russian Tuna Salad Sandwiches

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    This looks delicious!

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    Thank you 🙂

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