Halloween Menu 2014

Apple and Pork Tagine

I almost forgot about my white tagine, but some time ago I bought cute small tagine, so I need to cook something special. Fall ingredients – pork and apples, North Africa spice  and plain couscous on side. Ginger, cinnamon, coriander, cloves and allspice in one mix! Recipe adapted from black book cooking.

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Baked Crepes with Spinach and Ricotta Filling

One more variation with my favorite crepes (blinchiki). Crispy outside and creamy inside. Great idea for leftover crepes.


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Russian Cabbage Soup – Lazy or Rahmannie Shchi

In fact, the word "rahman" means "lazy, rustic" (in Old Russian). In the end of 19 century, shchi, cooked hastily from non-acidic green components, call “rahmannie shchi”. Recipe inspired by William V. Pokhlebkin book “Cuisines of our nations”.


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Apple Pork Ragu

Sweet and sour pork ragu with apples and boiled apple cider. Recipe adapted from Better Homes and Gardens. I served it with farfalle (bow tie pasta) and broccoli crumbs.


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