Turkish Turkey Meatballs with Rice – Kadın Budu Köfte

One long month and I have brand new kitchen now. Much brighter, more space and surface. First week I baked a lot -  Russian piroshki, swirl bread, buns and much more, because I finely had my new oven! 

But today I made interesting meatballs – with rice and cumin and a little different way to cook. It’s not authentic, because I used ground turkey and omit breadcrumbs.


Yield: 8 meatballs

20 oz. ground turkey (or beef), divided
1 egg
1 cup cooked rice
1 medium onion, finely chopped
1/2 tsp. cumin
pinch of all-spice
1 tsp. dry mint (I used sprig of fresh)
black pepper

Heat the large pan on medium heat, spray with cooking spray, add chopped onion and sauté until lightly brown and soft, add 1/3 of ground turkey and break it into small pieces (great helper – potato masher). Sprinkle with salt and spices. Stir the turkey occasionally to make sure it’s not pink. Let cool.

Mix remaining raw ground turkey, egg, cooked rice, browned turkey and onion very well. Cover and let stay in fridge about an hour.

Divide mixture into 8 parts and make boat-shape patties. For original recipe – cover patties in flour, then in slightly beaten egg, then in breadcrumbs and cook in big amount of vegetable oil. For lighter version – cook unbreaded patties on preheated and sprayed skillet on both sides until browned, cover with lid and let cook through in very small heat. Serve hot.

1 meatball is about 105 calories

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