Beef Liver Cake with Caramelized Onion and Creamy Cauliflower Sauce

I made an interesting new recipe – creamy cauliflower sauce or “new Alfredo sauce”. I already made Cauliflower Puree and Potato and Cauliflower Mash before, but never thought about sauce.

Part of it was served with yesterday dinner – millet blini with creamy cauliflower and mushroom sauce. But another part went to this savory cake (like Russian Beef Liver Cake, but more healthy). I know, that many people don’t like beef liver smell, we’re ok with it, but for experiment, I added some caramelized onion into batter and taste of cooked pancakes became much better.

Recipe of cauliflower sauce adapted from Pinch Of Yum.

Beef Liver Cake with Caramelized Onion and Creamy Cauliflower Sauce

For cauliflower crème:

1 small cauliflower head (about 2 cups cooked)
1/2 cup homemade or store-bought chicken broth
3-4 cloves baked/roasted garlic
8 tsp. (small can) evaporated milk
salt and pepper

Cook cauliflower in boiled water or in microwave bag until soft, blend in blender with cooked garlic, milk and broth until smooth. Season to taste. Great for pasta, rice or any meal called for creamy sauce.

For 9 beef pancakes:

12-13 oz. beef liver
1 large egg
1/3 cup caramelized onion (I made mine in slow-cooker)
pinch of salt

Cut beef liver into small pieces and blend with onion in blender until smooth, run through a sieve, (it’s optional, but will allow to avoid lumps), mix with egg and pinch of salt. Pour about 2 tablespoons with hip liver batter into the center of preheated, sprayed with cooking spray, crepe pan (I used small pan, about 6.5 inches)  and swirl to spread evenly, cook on both sides, until lightly brown.

Place hot pancake onto plate, add about  tablespoon cauliflower crème on top and  spread it, cover with next pancake, repeat until done. Let cake cool for room temperature and serve or place into fridge.

1/4 cake is about 190 calories

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