Russian Thin Waffles (Sugar Cones)

In Soviet Russia we have no electric or stove-top devices for fluffy thick breakfast waffles, we just didn’t know about it. Still for “waffle maker” we usually mean something different.

Many Russian families still have special stove-top two-side iron, you know, like Old Fashioned Waffle Iron, but ours are for soft butter or hard-shell cookies. Oh, old recipes has very much margarine or, even, mayonnaise in it. There are many variation : “mushrooms”, “pinecones”, “The Olympic Mishka”, “Pinocchio” (Buratino), “nuts” (oreshki) and much more. Some of them can be bought at eBay, but price is high. I have one with walnut shapes from my mom (one day I’ll show it well, but here is picture of old ones, from 2008: ball-like cookies in bone-shape box).

So, homemade wahfli for us was swe-e-et crunchy homemade tubes with filling, almost like Italian canollo or waffle cones. We baked it in big heavy electric waffle machine (some had stove-top iron, but still for thin waffles). It was hot-hot-hot! Only dad could roll it. And we filled it with cooked condensed sweetened milk (like dulche de leche), whipped with butter.

Today I made my ordinary waffle tubes in Waffle Cone Express Ice Cream Cone Maker, almost no difference. I filled it with meringue cream.

Russian Thin Waffles (Sugar Cones)

For 10 waffle tubes:

1 egg
2 tbsp. butter, melted
2 tbsp. sugar
1/4 cup milk
1/4 cup all-purpose flour
2 tbsp. corn or potato starch
pinch of salt

For filling:

1 egg white
2-3 tbsp. sugar

Whisk together egg, butter, sugar, salt and milk, Add flour and starch, mix well. Preheat waffle cone maker, spray both iron with cooking spray. Pour 1 1/2 tbsp. batter in the center of iron and close lid. Cook for about minute or so. It needs practices to catch right time of cooking. Too dark waffles have bad taste, too light waffles become soft.

Russian Thin Waffles (Sugar Cones)

Place cooked hot waffle in flat surface and roll it,  really fast, into tube. Place on a wire rack to cool. Fill with any favorite filling.

For filling: whip egg white and sugar until soft peaks.

1 waffle without filling is about 55 calories

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