Food Finds: Matt’s Munchies Fruit Snacks by Chief Roberts

My favorite snack, not your usual fruit leather, small squares (16 per package) with great, candy-like taste, but without added sugar. Very good with cup of tea or like snack-to-go.

I found some in local ShopRite and was happy to discover their store on the Internet, so I bought sample pack of 12 to try them all.

My favorites: Mango, Island Mango (with coconut) and Tangy Apricot – just 35-40 calories for the whole thing. Bananas and variation (Banana, Choco-Nana, Chili Chocolate and Apple Pie) are good too, but about 80 calories. Ginger Spice, Mango Acai, Apple-Licious and Raspberry Delight were just ok (to my taste).

Gluten free, organic et setera.

Food Finds: Matt’s Munches Fruit Snacks by Chief Roberts

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