Russian Young Fermented Honey – Molodoy Myod

Attention, this beverage can be a little alcoholic, made with kvass starter. This is plain version without any spices, my first (and this one) try.


1 serving Kvass starter
1/2 cup clear honey (I used raspberry honey and clover honey)  vary to adjust taste
1/2 piece of rye bread (optional)
1-2 lemon slices (optional)

Put starter it into 1/2 gallon jar. Dissolve honey in hot water, let cool, add lemon, if using, piece of bread, if using, cover with cheesecloth and let stay into warm dark place about 24 hours.

When myod (honey) starts to bubble, filter it through cheesecloth, pour out in bottle (I bought mine in IKEA), put 2-3 raisins (raisins should be unwashed! This is important! There is bacteria in the unwashed raisins that help beverage become more fizzy) and close it with lid (cork?). Leave myod for 2-3 days in fridge until it is ready (raisin will float).

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