Thursday or Black Salt for Easter – Chetvergovaya or Chernaya Sol’

A traditional Russian seasoning, which is prepared once a year – in the Holy Thursday (Thursday before Easter). The main purpose of this salt – for boiled Easter egg, but it has a lot of hidden meanings, moreover, it is very tasty. Salt gets aroma of freshly baked rye bread. About this seasoning, I learned from the site of Maxim Syrnikov, gatherer of Russian traditions (in food).


Rye bread slices OR rye flour OR ground rye malt
Coarse crystals sea salt (I used Reese brand)

Soak rye bread (or rye flour, or rye malt) in a little amount of water, squeeze water out (if using bread), add equal amount of salt, mix very well, form a ball, and bake it in preheated oven (at the highest temperature) until very dark brown or black. Use range hood if needed! Crush salt in a mortar, sift, or use as is.

Don’t use nonstick pans, salt can scratch it.


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