Chocolate Baked Pudding for One

Almost guilt free, very chocolate, moist and just about 100 calories! Sweet!  Adapted from


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Spaghetti Squash with Jalapeño-Garlic Cream

Spaghetti squash is pasta too! Sort of. Let’s make squash-n-cheese with taste kick. It’s creamy, it’s healthy! Recipe adapted from (Sunset, October 2008).


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Russian Simple Carrot Salad

Easiest winter salad when you need vitamins. Juicy carrot and homemade mayonnaise. That’s it. Ah, and garlic clove. I used my Börner Thin Julienne Vegetable Slicer to made thin strips of carrot. Optional, grated cheese can be added. It doesn’t have to be sweet! It’s simple and crude salad.


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Russian Spring Borscht with Sorrel

When the red borsch meets the green borsch they become this one. Sour from sorrel and sweet from beets. Very light soup. Add hard boiled egg and sour cream in it for balance.



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Rice and Vermicelli

I never tried Rice-A-Roni from the box, but I was curios to try this combination – pasta and rice. And I did it by using egg vermicelli and Jasmati rice. It’s simple, fast and tasty. A little roasting gives a rich flavor and color.


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