Russian Vegetarian Borscht

I was born in a town between Russia and Ukraine, and borsch was a common dish in our menu. I quickly learned how to cook it by myself. There is a lot varieties of borscht. My grandmother, for example, cooked beets, along with the meat on the bone and add much more tomatoes, her borscht was a dark red-orange and very nourishing. In Moscow I learned how to cook it with smoked sausages and ham. I know versions with fish, beans, mushrooms, sweet pepper and much more. Today I prefer light vegetable version of borscht. An important matter of much debate: should we add to the real borscht potatoes or not?


April 2013 photo update.

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Hot oatmeal with dried tropical fruits, almonds and honey

One day I was sick and tired, had no breakfast and was unhappy at all. My husband needed some magic too, so we went at Starbucks and found, what they had hot breakfast menu. Oh, Perfect Oatmeal, you saved my life, and also, more importantly, made the day.

Of course I knew about oatmeal (porridge) before. But in my childhood, all hot cereals was very heavy because of the milk and butter. So I found that my stomach likes a light version of oatmeal and since then cook it myself at home.


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Crêpe with egg and ham

Adapted from Martha Stewart magazine – FOOD everyday (jan/feb 2011). You can use basic crêpes or gluten, dairy and nuts free crêpes


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BBQ Spiced Salmon and Pineapple Salsa

Great combination of spices on fish and fresh and hot salsa. Adapted from How Sweet It Is blog.


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Lemon curd

Simple and delicious. Sweet and sour. Love from microwave. Adapted from Joy of baking recipe.


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