Red (dried tomato) pesto potato salad

Adapted from Fifty favorite recipes potato salad book by Barbara Lauterbach.

I love homemade pesto, but my pesto is not identical to the real Italian pesto with pine nuts and lot of virgin olive oil. My pesto usually consist of fresh basil leaves (from my backyard garden), toasted almond nuts, Parmesan cheese, some garlic and vegetable oil. Taste of basil and almond only with touch of garlic.  In this time I used almonds too. It’s great tomato pesto with sour taste go well in many sandwiches.

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Potato and Cauliflower Mash

Don’t do this dish if you don’t like cauliflower taste. You smell it. But if you love cauliflower (like me), you’ll love this mash. The taste a little sweet, but very good.

In Russia we love our potato with butter and dill.


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Turkey Spinach Feta Burgers

Adapted from Rachael Ray Recipe. Great creamy taste of Goat Feta cheese very good with neutral taste of spinach. It’s colorful and juicy burgers great with a slice of tomato.


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Honey sponge roll