Fresh Rice Paper Summer Rolls

My first time rolls, recipe adapted from Two sauce: peanut butter with soy sauce, honey, garlic and ginger and bottled sweet and sour mango sauce.


1 package large dried rice wrappers (also called “rice paper”)
3-4 oz. thin dried rice noodles – vermicelli type
1 cup cooked chicken or turkey, sliced or cut into bite-size pieces, and tossed in 2-3 Tbsp. fish sauce
1 cup fresh coriander leaves
1 cup fresh sweet basil, roughly chopped if leaves are large
1/2 large cucumber, sliced into matchstick-like pieces
1 carrot, grated

Place a pot of water on the stove. Bring to a boil and add the vermicelli rice noodles. Turn off the stove. Allow the noodles to soak in the hot water. 5-10 minutes. When the noodles are soft enough to eat (this takes about 10 minutes), drain them and rinse with cold water (to keep them from sticking. Place in a bowl.

Prepare the other ingredients for the summer rolls: fresh basil and coriander, carrot and cucumber. Also place the chicken in a bowl.

Fill a large bowl half full of hot water. Place bowl and wrappers on a clean working surface, such as a cutting board.

Take out one of the rice wrappers and place it in the bowl of hot water. You may have to gently press the wrapper down into the water. The rice paper will soften in approximately 30 seconds. Remove from water and place on the clean working surface.

On the rice wrapper, lay out a little of all the ingredients, starting with the noodles, then adding chicken, cucumber, fresh herbs, and finally the carrot.

Lift either side of the wrapper over ingredients, then bring up the bottom end. Tuck over the ingredients and begin to roll.

Continuing rolling to the end of the wrapper. The wrapper should still be moist and will therefore seal naturally. However, if you have trouble sealing it, just dab the end with a little water, then press.

Continue rolling in the same way until all the chicken or other ingredients are used up.

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