Chocolate Salami

Chocolate and cookies dessert. Made by dark chocolate ganache, candied ginger, almond nuts and Nilla Wafers. Recipe by Elizabeth LaBau, Guide.


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Passion-Fruit Curd

Adapted from Martha Stewart site. Great taste, awesome orange color and tropic smell.

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Grilled Pizza

Today we made our first-time grilled pizza. We bought dough, sauce and mozzarella in Whole Foods Market and did plain pizzas for dinner.


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Russian Easter Bread – Kulich

It’s my family tradition. My mother and grandmothers (and grand-grandmothers) baked bunch of Kuliches every year for Easter. It’s the easiest recipe of cake: just mix all ingredients, put dough into molds, wait for rise and bake. There is two varieties – plain and chocolate. Two empty coffee or juice cans (2 lb) for molds will be needed.

Russian Easter Bread - Kulich

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Fresh Pineapple Salsa