Colcannon with Guinness stew

Adapted from . Colcannon is a traditional Irish dish made from mashed potatoes, kale or cabbage, butter, salt, and pepper. It’s Samhain (pre-Halloween) dish. When I was child, I mixed in my plate mashed potatoes and stewed cabbage. Now I know why I loved it – I’m Irish at heart. Happy St. Patrick day!


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Challah Bread

Adapted from FamilyFun . In my opinion it’s too much butter and eggs in this bread. The dough was too heavy.


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Scottish Baps

Adapted from The essential baking cookbook. Simply bread rolls. The outside is crisp while the inside is soft.


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Cherry Cake and Cranachan

Cranachan (adapted from Traditional Scottish Recipes ) is a popular Scottish dessert and there are many variations and names such as Cream Crowdie.


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Baked Scotch Eggs and Apple Coleslaw

Great stuffed with eggs mini meatloaves and crunch salad.


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