Apple Crepe Loaf Cake

Find idea on some Russian cooking sites. Great use for stewed apples or pears and homemade or store-bought crepes (thin pancakes).

Apple Crepe Loaf Cake

2 cups stewed apples or pears, mine was with maple sugar
12 mini or 6 large crepes

Spray loaf pan with cooking spray and place 6 small or 2 large crepes inside to cover pan bottom, but leave the edges hanging outside. Add 1 cup of stewed apples, cover with 2 small or 1 large crepe. Add remaining 1 cup of stewed apples on top and cover with last crepes. Fold edges over filling, gently press with hand.

Bake about 20 minutes in preheated 350F oven until lightly brown. Let cool and slice.

For slice to hold together, add a tablespoon starch in apple filling.

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