Steel Cuts Oat and Stewed Apples in Slow Cooker

I made big amount of cooked steel cut oats and we ate it for breakfast or lunch whole week. Cooked oat great with so many additions, from savory to sweet. I love my oats with fried egg and Parmesan or cottage cheese, but also I love it with something sweet, like stewed apples or cherry compote.

For oat I used simple recipe from Bob’s Red Mill. For stewed apples I adapted  Betty Crocker recipe, but used different varieties of apples (fresh from farm), so it became mushy.

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Russian Yeast Apple Fritters – Yablochnie Oladushki

Fall Sundays we use for agro tourism – picking up fruits and veggies from local farms. Now we  can try lots of different sorts of apples. This is one of great uses for sweet ones.


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Apple Scrap Jelly

Fall means apple! Time for apple pies, apple cider and apple everything. This jelly is from apple scrap – cores and peels. Just apples and sugar, and pectin make all work.


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Roasted Eggplant, Tomatoes and Parmesan Nachos

Crunchy snack or meatless meal with roasted vegetables.  Recipe inspired by Climbing Grier Mountain.


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Cold Cured Mackerel

This oil-rich fish great cooked or cured. Very easy recipe – just 4 ingredients. It’s mackerel version of gravlax, so it’s great in sandwiches or canapés.


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