Baked Tomatoes with Rice, Onion and Parmesan Stuffing

Recipe adapted from Giada De Laurentiis show. I used combination of texmati light brown, red quinoa and freekeh for healthy option. Also I added sautéed onion, so mine stuffing became remaining risotto (a little). Usually I made stuffed peppers or cabbage, and I feared that the tomatoes lose shape and became mushy, but this did not happen – the tomatoes perfectly turned out.

Pulp and tomato juice I used for Russian cold sauce with horseradish – khrenoder (2 parts tomatoes and 1 part prepared or homemade horseradish).


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Zucchini and Summer Squash Gratin

Great summer casserole with two squashes and crunchy bread top. Great by itself or like side dish for grilled chicken. Inspired by Jacques Pépin recipe. Whole wheat or Russian rye bread made great taste and aroma. Garlic is optional, but we like our squash with it.


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Mahi-Mahi Fish, Red Cabbage-Mango Slaw and Refried Black Beans Tacos

And one more recipe for fish tacos. It so happened that our family love this kind of  “fast food”. The idea to add black beans appeared spontaneously, but they are very well complemented this dish.


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Cheesecake Crepe Cake with Cherry Sauce

I just love crepe cakes. Sometimes I made it just because. This one is mix of cheesecake filling and crepes with sweet and sour cherry topping. Great for breakfast or desserts.


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