Onigiri with Smoked Baked Salmon

Onigiri are Japanese rice balls. We tried it in Mitsuwa Marketplace and loved it. So I bought special mold and made my own onigiri with smoked salmon and seaweed snack. Recipe adapted from Serious Eats.

Onigiri with Smoked Baked Salmon

1 cup cooked medium grain rice, like sushi rice
2-3 tbsp. smoked baked salmon, chopped
2 seaweed snack sheets

Divide rice in four parts, place two parts into molds, add salmon in the middle and cover with reminded rice. Put the cover to the mold and press it firmly. Press the rice triangles out of the case, cover one side with seaweed sheet.

I used wasabi sesame seeds for decorating and nori punch for smiles.

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