Russian Stuffed Cabbage Rolls – Golubtsy

Golubtsy also known as stuffed cabbage rolls, still very popular Russian and Ukrainian dish. My family loves it. So sometimes I made “lazy” version of it – lenivie golubtsy, or stuffed peppers and collard greens.

This is all-in-one dish – meat, grains and vegetables. There are many variations of recipe. Some use ground beef or pork, but chicken or turkey works too. Mostly used grain is rice, but buckwheat or millet can be used. Some adds sautéed carrot and onion mix into stuffing, some put it just into sauce.  There are vegetarian version with rice and vegetables/beans or with mashed potatoes.

There are many ways to roll golubtsy – like envelope or like cornet. Natasha’s Kitchen has great instruction and recipes. Today I made cornet-shape golubtsy.

Golubtsy can be easily frozen before or after cooking, with or without sauce in foil pans.

Yield: 4 servings (5 golubtsy each)

1 medium cabbage head
1/2 cups semi-cooked Basmati rice (store-bought rice for heat in microwave is ok too)
16 oz. ground beef or pork and beef mix
1/2 medium onion, chopped
1 medium carrot, grated
salt and pepper
1 cup tomato juice or chopped tomatoes
sour cream for garnish
dill, chopped, for garnish

There are many ways to remove cabbage leaves from head – most popular way – to boil whole head (with core removed) in the big amount of water, but some use microwave oven, or, even, freeze it. Sometimes cabbage head is not very tight, so leaves can be carefully removed from fresh cabbage head.

Fill large pot with water in 2/3. Bring to a boil. Use a knife to cut out the core of cabbage. Put first cabbage in water for about 5 minutes, rotate it. With two forks, carefully, remove softened leaves to a plate one by one, picked up at the leaf base.

Mix well ground meat, rice, grated carrot and chopped onion, fresh or sautéed, big pinch of salt, some black pepper.

Cut off hard center of cabbage leaf and cut it into two parts. Roll the leaf into a cone shape and stuff the wide part into the top with about 2-3 tbsp. stuffing.

Preheat oven in 350F.

Arrange stuffed cabbage rolls into baking dish (some lightly brown it on skillet before bake), put some cabbage leaves, if left, on top, pour tomato juice or chopped tomatoes on top, sprinkle with salt and cover with foil. Bake about 50-55 minutes until meat done.

Serve with sour cream and chopped dill on top.

1 serving (without sour cream) is about 256 calories

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