Stuffed French Toast Rolls with Ham and Pepper

Savory French toast is really good for breakfast. Ham and pepper are classic, and mascarpone cheese adds creamy taste. I used light 7 grain bread, it’s thin and rolls well. Inspired by Finnish Valio site. In original recipe toasts are baked, it’s a great idea, but I wanted my rolls faster and with different filing, so I made it like this.


Yield: 4 servings

8 slices 7 grain light style bread (or any low calories (about 45) sliced bread)
2 egg whites (I used liquid egg whites)
4 tsp. Mascarpone cheese, divided
4 ham slices, halved
about 4 pieces of roasted pepper, store-bought or homemade, halved


Dip both sides of bread in egg white quickly, place into preheated in medium heat and sprayed pan, brown on both sides. Make all toasts. Put 1/2 slice ham, 1/2 tsp. Mascarpone cheese and piece of pepper on toast and roll it. Repeat. Serve warm.

1 serving (2 rolls) about 160 calories

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