Russian Fermented Oatmeal Drink – Ovsyaniy Kissel

Kissel – an ancient Russian drink. Now it’s prepared with potato or corn starch from fruits and berries. In the old days it was prepared from fermented decoction or extract of oats, peas, wheat or rye.

In 997, the Pechenegs besieged town of Belgorod (my native city). Because of hunger residents decided to surrender to enemies, but someone had wise advise – cook from the remnants of oat kissel and put it into a well. When Pecheneg’s envoys arrived, citizens scooped out kissel from the well and ate it. Pechenegs decided that they can not conquer the people whom Earth itself feeds.

And this is an ancient way of cooking oat kissel: oats were dried, crushed, mixed with warm water and left for about a day, strained through a sieve and squeezed. Often oat milk fermented with rye bread crust. And then cooked.

Unusual taste, they say: fall in love or hate it.

Russian Fermented Oatmeal Drink - Ovsyaniy Kissel

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Carrot, Banana and Date Drop Cookies

Small pieces of sweet and healthy carrot cakes. No sugar at all, and all sweets from banana and dates. Any kind of nuts (walnut or pecan is greatest) can be added, and, sure, cream cheese frosting too. But count the calories…

Carrot, Banana and Date Drop Cookies

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Pumpkin Risotto

One more dish with homemade pumpkin puree – risotto. Now with wine but still with glutinous rice.


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Pumpkin Pie Waffle

I baked a big pumpkin and made 3 jars of mashed pumpkin, and now I start to use it. This is a breakfast waffle with (sort of) pumpkin pie taste. Soft (if more crunch preferred, add 1-2 tbsp. of melted butter, like in older recipe), fragrant and tasty. And some oat bran for health here.


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