No-bake Farmer Cheese and Cookies Cake–Tvorojniy Domik (Cheese House)

This is Soviet cake made from boring square cookie and oh-so-healthy-for-you farmer cheese (Russian tvorog). Raisins or candied fruit, bananas and chocolate pieces can be added into filling. Pour chocolate glaze or sprinkle powder sugar on top. Perhaps it’s a distant relative of the Italian Tiramisu or German Kalter Hund, who knows?

No-bake Farmer Cheese and Cookies Cake–Tvorojniy Domik (Cheese House)

36 square butter biscuit cookies (Russian Cookies Yubileinoe is the best)
1 lb. farmer cheese (very small curds)
1/2 cup unsalted butter
2-3 tbsp. sugar
1 tsp. vanilla extract
about 1 cup of milk or strong cooled (sweet) coffee

Cream butter and beat with sugar and farmer cheese.

Dip 18 cookies, one by one, into milk or coffee and put it, three cookies in a row, on a sheet of foil. Cover with half cheese filling, then put on top reminding 18 cookies, dipped in milk. Add another half of filling in the center and in the entire length of the second row of cookies. Using the edge of the sheet of foil, fold the cookies over the filling to make a triangle. Cover with foil and let stay in fridge about 8 hours (night).

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