Italian Ciabatta

Great bread. Just great. I adapted recipe from Forno Bravo, but made big whole loaf (instead of 4). Maybe it’s not authentic, but sure tasty. It needs two days.


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New Year’s Eve Menu

Traditionally – in Russian style.


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Russian Pie with Different Stuffing – Family Pie

It’s an old traditional family pie (pirog) recipe, stuffed buns (piroshki), made with, at least, three different fillings (sweet or not) in identical shapes, so you never know which one you’ll eat. I made my pie with cabbage, carrot and apple fillings. Will be great with meat, or rice, or jam, or any other kind of fillings too.

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Russian Mushroom Cocotte – Julien

No one know why in Russia this dish named julien, it’s great hot appetizer and start for dinner. One small tip, how to add more mushroom taste – soy sauce.

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Russian Chicken Galantine – Kurinoe Zalivnoe

Sort of famous Russian meat in gelatin broth – zalivnoe or kholodets in form of loaf. Great with hot horseradish; by itself, or for sandwiches.

Russian Chicken Galantine - Kurinoe Zalivnoe

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